Tsujigiri 200SX - Tanguy LeClerc

(tsujigiri_200sx_tanguy) Mod
Tsujigiri 200SX - Tanguy LeClerc, skin 0_Cherry_Red
Tsujigiri 200SX - Tanguy LeClerc, skin 0_Cherry_Red
Tsujigiri 200SX - Tanguy LeClerc, skin 1_Candy_Red
Tsujigiri 200SX - Tanguy LeClerc, skin Black
Tsujigiri 200SX - Tanguy LeClerc, skin Dark_Blue
Tsujigiri 200SX - Tanguy LeClerc, skin White

180SX - LHD
SR20DET - Forged Bottom End
Poncams, Tomei Rocker Stoppers, BC Springs
MMP NS400 Turbo
Stock Manifold
740cc Injectors
Z33 Gearbox Conversion
4.1 Ratio Nismo 2-Way LSD
N-Style B Knuckle
Driftworks CS2 Coilovers
Driftworks Geomaster Alignment Package
BN Sports Type 3 Kit
Origin Labo +55mm Overfenders
326 Power Wing

Base model: Street Heroes - D-max Type-III - Update 2018

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Base model: Turn10 Studio / Rework by LossTunes
Bodykit model: LossTunes
Interior model: Turn10 Studio / LossTunes
Collider & Driver animation: Florian Da Costa

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WDT - Skirts/Rear bumper/Rear wings/splitters (180SX)

SpyBot68 - 326Power wing + some gauges + handbrake + shifter + middle vents blanking plate

Tando Buddies - Ganador mirros

DTP - SR20DET engine 3d

Nounourscoss/PDR - Driver base + hood animation + rear lights + body shaders

Street Heroes S14 - Exhaust

Tsujigiri motorsport - Physics base

TripledSevens - sound
(thank you, finally a sr20 on assetto that sounds good to my ears)

Put together by Cryms (comment: there's still a lot of things missing to make a better replica, like the origin aggressive line bodykit, origin +55mm wings and a buddyclub sr20 sound, if you know any public usable ones please contact me so we can make the car better)

No lucrative goals intended. Just to purpose something new and fun to play with !

We are actively searching for modders to make the cars better. If you are interested or have any issue with the cars (credits for exemple) please contact us on our discord:

Have fun :)


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  • Tri Ace RK 160 (RK160)
  • Tri Ace RK 200 (RK200)
  • Tri Ace RK 300 (RK300)


  • Acceleration: 6.5s 0-100
  • BHP: 497 bhp
  • Power Ratio: 2.26 kg/hp
  • Top Speed: 235km/h
  • Torque: 586 Nm
  • Weight: 1125 kg